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T In Another World

When a disaster hits the United States and there is nowhere to go Obama Makes a speech, but the most unexpected thing happens.

Friendship is Magic Comedy Sci-Fi Mane 6 Princess Celestia Princess Luna
T Reminiscing

Rarity is old, very old. She and Twilight Sparkle are all that’s left of the legendary ponies who represented the Elements are Harmony so long ago. The two, along with Spike, sit on Rarity’s porch and watch the sun rise every Saturday morning, only this time things are different…

Friendship is Magic Sad Slice of Life Tragedy Rarity Spike Twilight Sparkle
T Do Humans Hibernate?

“Do Humans Hibernate?” Rainbow has a question on her mind. She’s not entirely sure why it’s bothering her so much. It probably doesn’t help that the only human she could ask is the world’s greatest liar. Cover art by Pusspuss this random guy called ‘Pen Mightier’ who probably wishes he is Pusspuss but isn’t. Marshal: (mɑː.ʃəl) noun….etymology – archaic: Middle English, from Anglo-French ‘mareschal’, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German ‘marahscalc’, from ‘marah’ (horse) + ‘scalc’ (servant). Originally referring to “a person in charge of the upkeep of horses or stable hand”. The station became a position of trust and power in medieval courts and went on to acquire

Friendship is Magic Comedy Drama Romance Slice of Life Rainbow Dash Twilight Sparkle
T Friday Night Twilight II

A cartoon pony named Twilight Sparkle visits me every other Friday night. We talk more than we used to, but she still makes me watch that show of hers. Isn’t anything ever going to change?

Friendship is Magic Romance Slice of Life OC Twilight Sparkle