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I might try to write a new fanfiction…

Literature Fanfiction Movies/TV My Little Pony Written by David Coleman Tuesday, February 13, 2018 0 Comments

Honestly, try doesn’t imply that I’ll try to write it. Rather it means that it may not be well received. My previous experiences writing fanfiction didn’t do very well. People… hated them. My current fanfic Reminiscing got little views and has 2 dislikes and 1 like. People weren’t even interested in reading it.

So, I feel it’s necessary to make my ideas known beforehand, that way I know whether or not it’s really worth the effort.

So, without further ado, here’s a brief summary of my ideas. (There will be minor spoilers.)


I feel I should start with the setting as it’s what I’ve put the most thought into.

The DCE or “Democratic Confederacy of Equestria” is governed by the COG or “Council of Governors,” most commonly referred to as the “Council.” The Council consists group of 12 governors (including Celestia, Luna and Cadence), each of which rule over an individual state.

The Council was founded after the 4th great war. It was created to give ponies more control over what happens in Equestria. The 4th great war was with Silver Snare, a pony who rebelled against Equestria and turned many ponies to his cause.

A military also needed to be formed. With Equestria having a military, certain ponies, griffins and other creatures felt the need to try and best their soldiers and guards. Thus tribes of bandits, thieves, assassins and other outlaws were inevitable.

The 12 states make up the DCE, and each state has their own set of rules. The DCE sort of resembles the USA.

The story takes place roughly 400 years after the events of Friendship is Magic. Equestria has nearly tripled in size, and technology has evolved somewhat.

What was formerly the undiscovered west is now known as “Lunaris Promissionem,” or “The Lunar Promise.” but is commonly referred to simply as “Lunaris.” Lunaris is the most technologically advanced and resembles a Victorian England. The rest of Equestria however, has not taken a liking to these advancements. Lunaris’ governor is former Princess, Luna.

Lunaris is where the story’s Prologue is likely to take place.

Main Characters

The story will follow Androkin, a human who was abandoned at the docked as a baby. Celestia found him took him to a human village near the docks. This village (currently unnamed) is the only place where humans can be found in Equestria.

Humans in this story have no connection to Earth. They are an ancient race who dwindles in numbers. They nearly went extinct, and were believed to be entirely extinct for nearly two thousand years before landing on Equestria in a ship.

They reside on a set of 16 islands out in the great ocean. They are very reminiscent of the Nords in The Elder Scrolls Universe.

They currently have trading deals with Equestria, as they require the expertise of human blacksmiths.

Spike (now an adult) is Androkin’s best friend. The two of them work as bounty hunters, to the dismay of the council. It isn’t illegal, but they still treat them like a common criminal only without arresting them.

Twilight Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle comes out of hiding in this story.

Twilight has been gone for… quite a while. She’s been in hiding and assumed dead. In the 4th great war, her lover was killed by Silver Snare. She went into a sort of rage mode and in her grief created an energy ball around her effectively destroying anything around her. Silver Snare got cocky and tried to kill her as well, but destroyed himself by entering Twilight’s energy ball. The location where this happened is nothing but a large crater.

Depending on how this story does, I might make a story about the 4th great war.

The Story

The story will follow Androkin and Spike primarily. It will also switch between Twilight, Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and other important characters.

As you probably noticed, there’s a ton of lore, and this is a fraction of it. Do you think I should write this story? Is it interesting enough? Should I change anything? Let me know in the comments below.