I think It's Time to Start Planning Ahead

Nightwork by Yakovlev-vad

First I want to start off by explaining some of the recent changes. In September I officially moved from Hostgator to WPEngine. As you can imagine, I had to start from scratch. While all my old blog posts are here, the theme is not. So I made a new one.


  1. February 17th
    • My family’s having a new house built and we move in on the 17th. I’ll need to get settled before I do anything too serious.
  2. March/April
    • MLP Season 8 premieres. I begin my review series here on my blog.
  3. May/June
  4. September/October
    • The Manehattan Times goes live.


  1. January/February
    • Roadtrip to Colorado, Oregon and Washington. (Planned but not 100% confirmed.)
  2. March/April
    • MLP Season 9 premieres. I continue my review series.
  3. May
    • I start a podcast. (Still planning. This date is an estimate.)
    • I start looking for a van to convert.
  4. September
    • I begin converting van.


  1. February
    • I start full-timing in my van.

Note: All of this is subject to change. Dates can change and full events could end up not happening. These are merely what I am hoping to do.

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